Sharlene Maher
Sharlene Maher at her home studio ©2017

Stranded Treasures is an original jewelry collection established in 2006 by clay artist and designer Sharlene Maher. Offering an extensive range of floral styles, from minimalistic to intricate, her products have become popular as symbolic gifts, formal and everyday wear.

After graduating from college, Sharlene moved from New Jersey to San Francisco. While spending her working hours behind a computer, her personal time fulfilled her creative side. Her interest to learn more about flowers was met by volunteering and taking courses at the botanical gardens and by her own trials and errors of gardening. After relocating to Florida, Sharlene starting sculpting flowers by way of a macramé hobby that inspired her to make her own beads. Her sculpting gradually developed into a product line and her vision to have her own flower shop of wearables eventually came to fruition.

The Process
Each piece is designed and handcrafted by Sharlene in her home studio. Her technique involves no molds or paint but instead sculpting each petal using a rich blend of color-embedded clays and assembling the jewelry components by hand. Since the entire process is specially made for each order, it allows her to offer a large color palette and style options to choose from and a more personalized shopping experience on handmade products.


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