Flower Symbolism

Flower Symbolism
Looking for a meaningful flower gift with symbolism or a little something for yourself? Take this fun quiz or browse the charts below for some ideas.  All flowers are beautiful but even more special when given or worn with their meaning attached.
What type of flower are you?

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Month Flower  Meaning
Anemone sincerity, anticipation, excitement for future
African Violet love, faithfulness, loyalty, devotion
September Aster love, daintiness, patience, elegance
Black Eyed Susan encouragement, fun, charming
Buttercup humility, neatness, childishness
Calla Lily regal, refinement, magnificent beauty
January Carnation devine enduring love
Camellia graciousness, passion, faithfulness, refinement
Cherry Blossom fragility, beauty of life
November Chrysanthemum friendship, cheerfulness, abundance, truth, loyalty, rebirth
March/December(White) Daffodil unrequited love, chivalry, inspiration, renewal, forgiveness
Dahlia enduring grace, inner strength, creativity
April Daisy innocence, purity, loyal love, new beginnings, true love
Dogwood life, rebirth, rejuvination, strength, resilience
Forget-Me-Not remembrance, true love 
Gardenia secret love, joy, purity
Hibiscus delicate beauty
Hydrangea perseverance, creating your destiny, gratitude, abundance, prosperity
February Iris friendship, faith, hope, inspiration, graceful beauty, widsom, royalty
Jasmine grace, elegance, demure beauty, love
July Larkspur
(white) happy go lucky
Lily (stargazer) ambition, purity, optimism, prosperity 
May Lily of the Valley Sweetness and humility
Lotus life, spirituality, purity, clarity, enlightenment
Magnolia nobility, perseverance, dignity, love of nature, purity
October Marigold passion, creativity
Orchid delicate beauty, desire, confidence in love, thoughfulness, charm
Pansy loving thoughts, free thinker, remembrance
Peony Happy marriage, honor, compassion, good fortune
Plumeria strength, immortal devotion, charm, grace, new beginnings, beauty
Poinsettia Christmas flower
August Poppy remembrance, prosperity, consolation 
Ranunculus radiant charm, love and commitment
June Rose general meaning: beauty and love
pink admiration
yellow friendship
purple royalty
red romantic love
white purity
Stephanotis marital happiness
Sunflower adoration, wellness, healing, eternal hope, admiration, loyalty
Tulip (pink) caring, (red) love and passion